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Healthcare seating

Healthcare seating is the hospital furniture with the most public space configuration, involving waiting area chair, medical consultation chair, infusion chair, accompanying chair, medical nursing bed chair, etc. at the same time, the healthcare seating manufacturer has attached great importance to the quality requirements of the hospital, and constantly upgraded the performance and function of the seating to meet the different needs of the patient and their families, so that the patients can recuperate safely. In the public area, more natural elements and cartoon design hospital seats are added, such as cartoon image is used for children waiting area chair. Adult infusion chair has the function of intelligent charging and handbag storage, and has soft back, which makes the whole diagnosis and treatment process more comfortable and joyful, and reduces the patient's fear of treatment. Such hospital seating furniture can help improve the relationship between doctors and patients, It reflects the humanistic care of the hospital. Vouplus has more than 100 hospital seating furniture R & D patents, product inspection reports and ISO9001 international certification.

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