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Straight shape nurse station
  • Straight shape nurse station
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The straight line shape nurse station using yellow color makes people feel full of vitality and affinity, which is also prominent in the hospital furniture. The humanized hospital furniture design is all at


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(1) Peripheral baffle: use high-quality E1 grade solid wood ecological multilayer board skeleton, pressed into a thickness of 100MM, internal has a strong function of strong and weak current wiring, V-shaped aluminum alloy link lines, and the surface is pasted with a clean bacteria board veneer. It has the characteristics of flame retardant, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, economy, and environmental protection; (2) Stone: uses medical artificial stone or composite acrylic, which has strong anti-fouling, antibacterial, wear-resistant, non-deformation, easy to clean, anti-permeation, etc. Function; (3) Workbench cabinet: using high-quality E1 solid wood particle board 16+18MM, seamless PVC sealing edge, equipped with main frame, keyboard frame, document compartment cabinet, floor cabinet, computer desk; (4) Hardware: adopt domestic high-quality buffer hinges, three-section slide rails, high-quality three-in-one connectors and aluminum alloy handles, etc.; (5) Base: Use 304# stainless steel or aluminum-plastic board for edging, which is durable, moisture-proof and easy to clean.

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